Starting October 2021

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Fundamentals of Cost Proposals includes four live weekly sessions delivered via Zoom, plus homework, bonus content, and a discussion board with the instructors and your classmates. It's designed for international development professionals who have some exposure to and familiarity with USAID and an interest in working on USAID or other USG cost proposals.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Syllabus

    • Meet the Instructor

    • Pre-course Homework

    • Pre-Course Survey

    • You're ready for the first session!

  2. 2
    • Live Zoom Session #1

    • HW#1

    • Resources for Session #1

  3. 3
    • Live Zoom Session #2

    • Homework #2

    • Resources for Session #2

  4. 4
    • Live session #3: Navigating the Regulations

    • HW #3

    • Resources for Session #3

  5. 5
    • Live Zoom Session #4: Budget Narratives + Intro to Pricing Strategies

    • Resources for Session #4

  6. 6
    • Next Steps

    • Post Course-Evaluation

Course Schedule

4 x 90-minute classes

October 7th

October 14th

October 21st

October 28th


Katie Gentic

Katherine Gentic is a contracts, compliance, cost/pricing, and operations/project management specialist with 15 years of experience in the USAID industry. She is the founder and CEO of Akiri Consulting LLC, a woman-owned small business that advises small businesses, NGOs, local subcontractors and prime implementing partners alike in USAID compliance, procurement, cost and pricing, and contracts/project management issues. She has been a trusted resource in the USAID industry for training and mentoring junior-, mid-, and senior-level employees in understanding the nuances of government contracting, interpreting regulations and contract terms/conditions, and creating compliant yet outside-the-box solutions to complex project implementation issues.